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            Have you ever met that person that has it all figured out? Their life effortlessly flows. You know that guy you politely dismissed at that one party, where he said he would build a billion dollar company. Five years later you read about the company on Fortune 100. Or that timid girl who said she would be a successful standup comedian, despite her stage fright. I’m not talking about cookie cuter perfection, the flawed American Dream, or this false positivity plaguing millennials. I’m talking about real people: dreamers, risk-takers, leaders etc. confident people who live their life by design. CREATORS. You know whom I am talking about.   

            Well, I had the pleasure of learning from one of these people, Niurka. The brilliance this woman shared with everyone at SIIA 2018 was transformational. Niurka is creation, a creator; she lives in alignment with source. Umm Edith, what do you mean, “living in alignment with source?” Good question. Source, God, Inspiration, (name it as you please) is where all energy derives from. Think of it like springs of water. Water is born at these springs; creating energy is born at source. Living in alignment with source means you have access to these springs of creation at will. The long sought after secret to the universe is found in living in alignment. 

“Yes Edith, I want to live in alignment! I want to create my prosperous life at will! I want effortless flow!”

We all do, and guess what, it is possible! But first things first: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. A personal development book, a higher education, a transformative seminar, heck SIIA is a waste of time if you do not take responsibility of your life. 

UGHHHHHH Edith, but life is unfair!!!!”

I know it is; from personal experience as well as my Political Science studies. The biggest takeaway from my undergrad studies is that we (the 99% of the population) are being controlled, programmed, and manipulated by… no not the government… the 1% of the population. The 1% are, well the owners of everything. The richest people on this planet, and the 99% are programmed to be their sheep. Yeah, sorry to say this but, the government is a system that in it’s current form favors and protects the 1%. Our democracy is turning (if not already is) a DOLLAROCRACY. Cash influences the political systems worldwide.

“Edith, you are such a conspiracy theorist”

AM I? I wish I were wrong. Read these, and you will understand me a little more:  

  • -Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is destroying America by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney 
  • -The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America’s Disimagination Machine by Henry A. Giroux
  • -The Taming of the American Crowd: From Stamp Riots To Shopping Sprees by Al Sandine
  • -The Enigma of Capital and The Crises of Capitalism by David Harvey  
  • Don’t like reading, watch: Park Avenue Money, Power, and the American Dream 

“Edith, so we are being controlled, programed, and manipulated by the people in power? Wait, if you are right I would know this. Why don’t I know this?”

Don’t feel bad, most people don’t know. The system is set up to where we are always chasing the next big thing in our lives. We are trapped in the rat race. We go to school, get a job, get in debt, work to pay off debt, get married, have kids, shop, shop, shop, buy a house, travel (all on credit of course); it’s a complicated system. Let’s not forget the entertainment industry, there to distract *cough* I mean, “entertain” us. Yes media, mainstream media, music, movies, social media all there to tell us we are not good enough, so shop some more to be good enough. Do you feel sad? A new sweater will fix that. Ohhh you aren’t feeling like a man, buy a boat on your credit card now thats manly. Is the news on TV scaring you? You can fix that with an anti-depressant. Don’t get me started on Big Pharma. Genius moneymaking scheme, really; they have us hooked on meds. I’m serious. We are being feed processed, chemical filled foods that cause cancer, and then Big Pharma profits. Anyway you get the point. We are being programmed, manipulated, and controlled.  This is why we need to take responsibility. 


            We cannot live in alignment if we do not take responsibility. Profound transformative change happens when we become responsible for our actions, our emotions, our reaction to circumstances etc. Yes we have traumas, I feel for that trust me. This world is filled with tough shit. I can’t put it any other way. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to heal that. At SIIA, Niurka gives the tools to deprogram ourselves and experience profound healing/ transformation.



  • “Supremeauthentic you, Essence, Source of your presence and power
  • Influencein natural action (the power to inspire purposeful action in alignment with true purpose) Inner fluency– when your communication is fluid and congruent, your external reality morphs to reflect that harmony with you. (a way of being, communicating at highest excellence) 
  • In actiontaking action/ not taking action (There is wisdom in no action. The wise recognizes action in action & inaction in action. wisdom of when to step forward and when to observe before taking action (awareness).”

“Supreme Influence In Action (SIIA) is a total immersion experience that teaches Communication Mastery & Evolved NLP. [Evolved], because SIIA is grounded in Self-realization and LOVE. SIIA was born from my devotion to inspiring, empowering, and giving people the tools to live their most Supreme life. I love seeing people embodying their infinite potential, and sharing their unique talents transcendent of fear.”


SIIA is a 5 day transformational experience where Niurka offers tools, techniques, strategies, and daily practices that break old habits and create a life of purpose, freedom, success, and fulfillment. With Neuro Linguistic Programming we can interrupt old thought patterns/ programs, and create new thought patterns/ programs that empower us. We get to be in charge of our lives. 

“I believe the focus of all great disciplines is to offer a framework to understand our ever-evolving selves and the Universe we live in more clearly and completely, and empower us with knowledge and tools that evoke our authentic power so we may consciously create our world as we intend it to be.”



From this new empowering and loving state of mind created at SIIA, we become creators. We heal the traumas, transcend the fear based, low vibrating, mental patterns and emotions. At this point we align with source; we are aligned in all aspects of life. There is fluidity.

When we change the world around us changes. We are tuned into consciousness. 

With this perception we paint our masterpiece. Work becomes our art, we live artistically. Best of all we become able to effectively communicate our masterpiece. The communication skills Niurka provides allow us to “speak into existence,” as she would say.

Your life after SIIA changes drastically.


SIIA came into my life as a gift. My mother attended Niurka’s Supreme Influence one day event. There she signed up for SIIA and NeoGenesis, which I will soon be attending. At the end of the event my mother spoke to Niurka, telling her how she is a practicing hypnotherapist for Spanish speakers, and how inspired she is to share this transformational experience with the Spanish speaking community. This created a spark between Niurka and my mother, as Niurka had been looking for someone to do exactly that; share this knowledge with the Spanish speaking community. Thus, Niurka became inspired to gift my mother one free ticket to SIIA. AND I BECAME THE LUCKY RECEIVER OF THAT TICKET! Honestly, I didn’t know what I was getting into.


Day one, here we were introduced to the course, what it is, what we would learn, and what NLP is. Oxford English Dictionary defines NLP as: a system of alternative therapy intended to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to model and change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior.

To be able to practice NLP, it is essential to heighten our awareness; naturally the next section covered how to heighten our awareness. We learned about different types of learning styles, our five senses, and how to be fully present in communication.

By becoming aware of my senses and learning styles I became aware that others do not process information with the same senses as I do. There are many perceptions in a room. Dog means a small white shitzu for me and it can mean a large brown Labrador for you. Our brains process information different, depending on our life experiences (MAP OF THE WORLD). In order to enter another persons MAP OF THE WORLD, it is important to listen for key words that tell us how they process information. For example, people who use the term “I can’t picture that,” are visual learners. In order to enter their MAP OF THE WORLD, you need to paint them a picture with your words.

With this in mind, I realized we all frame our experiences differently. When we become aware of the frameworks we use, we are in control of changing them. We create our experience of reality by choosing where we put our attention. This is NLP.

With this in mind, I selected shyness as the issue to work on throughout the 5 days at SIIA. Believe it or not, despite all the modeling, dancing, beauty pageants, and center stage events I participated in, I was a really shy girl. I was capable of owning a stage, yet I could not speak at social gatherings. For the majority of my life I was known as “the shy girl.” Worst, I knew deep in my soul lived a leader. I so desired to embody that leadership role I knew resides in me.


With the foundation set, we began to apply the knowledge on each other. The second day of SIIA covered all the basics for entering another person’s MAP OF THE WORLD. I like to think of this as CIA training; as we were trained to become aware of others body language, word choice, facial expressions, and eye placement during conversation.

There is more being said, in what is not being said; are you paying attention? Niurka referred to this awareness as our SENSORY ACUITY GOGGLES.

We then did a couple of exercises with this information. The shadow exercise impacted me the most, I dare you to try it. Follow someone around for 15 minutes. Of course get their consent before hand, don’t be a creep. Stay silent throughout the entire time and just observe them. Do as they do, become their shadow. If they stop, you stop, if they waive, you waive, if they say hello, you say hello.

Following someone for 15 minutes brought peace to me. All my stresses vanished as I realized it will all be okay. My partner was this calm, peaceful woman whom really enjoyed herself in the present moment. She brought that peace into my MAP OF THE WORLD. I got to walk in anothers shoes, and realize we are all just here trying to figure out life.


Now, the fun part began. We learned NLP exercises to interrupt disempowering patterns and insert empowering patterns.

Remember my intention set in day one? Shyness. Well, these profound NLP tools allowed me to get to the root of the problem. I was pretending to be shy because I use to think I wasn’t worthy. For some odd reason, in my mind my words were of no value. This was the same reason I use to bite my nails. For 26 years of my life I would bite my nails to a bleeding point. Instead of speaking my thoughts with others, I would pretend to be shy and bite my nails.

Becoming aware of this problem allowed deep transformational healing. I cried as I released the emotional knot in my throat. Those trapped emotions were taken away and replaced by a sense of gratitude. For the first time in my life I felt this weight lifted off my shoulders.

That leader inside of me desired to come out, however she could not because she did not feel worthy of leading. Now I embody my leadership role. I take leadership in my life, as I make conscious decisions. My ideas are worthy. I have value.


The energy in the room this day was lighter. We were all shedding our old skins filled with limited beliefs. We were so eager to apply this knowledge back in the “real world”.

In due time we would, however for the meantime there was more CIA training to be done. Day 4 we dived deeper into NLP exercises, using empowering questions, more sub-modalities, and getting each other in and out of trance states of mind.

Transcending the old limited beliefs blocking my mind opened me to an expanded level of awareness. It’s as if I had acquired a shiny new pair of eyes. I could see how we are all interconnected. Everything in existence is perfectly interweaved. Living in Supreme Influence In Action, allows me to be consciously a part of this interconnection.

I had the opportunity to share my breakthrough on stage, in front of everyone (I think 200 people). I shared my story; how I used to be shy due to a lack of worthiness, and how I am ready to step into my leadership role. I was fully present, taking ownership, and sharing my energy with everyone. I could see everything clear. Its a little hard to put this experience into words. After all, how do you put something so profound into words. You have to experience it for yourself.

Others also shared their breakthroughs on stage. The energy elevated as we cheered one another on, witnessing life transformations before our eyes. Years of trauma, limited beliefs, and terrible communication skills vanished. Opportunities opened.


Now to anchor these new empowering, life changing states of mind. Thats what we did day 5. We learned to anchor this energy, and call upon it when stress, anxiety, and negativity tries to creep its way back into our lives.

ONE NOTE TO KEEP IN MIND: as life changing SIIA is, it does not work if we do not put the tools into practice. Once these 5 days are over we all return to our daily life. It is easy to return to the old habits and patterns. It takes courage, discipline, and practice to continue living in awareness. These tools were given to us, and now it is our responsibility to continue to use them.

SIIA TAKEAWAY: We are all creators, we create our existence. Love, is the guiding force.

With love,



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  1. I love your website. Thank you for sharing your insights about SIIA – I’m even more excited for it now!!! And I never would have guessed you were shy and used to bite your nails 🤣

    1. THANK YOU ROSE! 🙂
      SIIA is incredible, you will Breakthrough left and right!
      Share your experience after you attend

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