Incredible Life Creator

Incredible Life Creator

My First Pod Cast

Hello Loves!

Guess what! On August 1, 2019 Kimberley Linert invited me on her pod cast Incredible Life Creator as a guest speaker. Of course I said yes! Click the image below to listen to the full podcast!

Create from your Heart - Edith (eeedith Lovee)

        Edith is a 26 year-old model,blogger, writer, yoga instructor, entrepreneur and creative. In this podcast she will take you through her journey from an abusive controlling relationship to the freedom to create from her heart and be who she was meant to be– Amazing and Creative. She is putting her gifts out to the world and they are beautiful and so is she.

A little more about
Incredible Life Creator Podcast


There has got to be more to life than this! Each week Dr. Kimberley Linert will host a variety of guests who are taking a deep dive into their passion and have come out on the other side with an incredible abundant life. As you listen to these candid conversations you will be inspired to look at yourself and find your true calling.

Dr. Kimberley’s personal mission:
“Empower people with the knowledge that they are loved, important and valued. Promote health and wellness in all areas of life. Inspire people to accomplish their goals and use their talents to serve the world.”

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