Have you questioned your insanity?


but tell me, have you questioned your insanity yet? 
Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Have you questioned what you are doing? Is it working? 
Lets take it a step further, have you questioned what you have been taught? What is real? What is fake? To many the mystical biblical stories are held as truth, while mythology is held as myths. Yet at one point in history, ancient civilizations worshiped the Mythological Gods the same way modern society now worships religious figures.
Now tell me, what is real, what is fake? Or does it all boil down to one simple answer: BELIEFS, “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.”
If you believe it, does it make it true? 
True to who?
True to your inner world?
True to your senses?
True to your perception?
Now ask your self, what are your beliefs? How did you end up with these beliefs? Are they really yours, or have you been taught them? What have you been taught? 
Political Scientists state humans views are influenced by five main factors:
1. Family
2. Media
3. Peers
4. Education 
5. Religion & Faith
and five secondary factors:
1. Race 
2. Gender 
3. Age 
4. Geography 
5. Socioeconomic background
Okay Edith you are getting political here, how is that relevant? 
Well this affects a persons political culture; meaning a persons attitudes and practices that shape their political behavior, including moral judgments, political myths, beliefs, and ideas about what makes for a good society. If you have questioned your insanity the way I just did you ask yourself, does it all boil down to: BE-LIE-FS. Beliefs that were passed down my family tree. Beliefs that I picked up from the media, my peers, my educational background. Beliefs religion and faith have given me. Beliefs based on my experience in a certain age, as a certain gender, and belonging to a certain race. Beliefs based on my socioeconomic upbringings, and geographic location.
Have you questioned what you have been taught? and how these teachings affect your outlook on life, and your ideas of how society should be?
Tell me, have you questioned your insanity yet?


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