Goddess Garden

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Awaken the Goddess Within You

            Goddess Garden Women’s Retreat is a profound weekend experience for women to commune, embrace, and relish in the sacred power of the Divine Feminine. Together we explore how to balance and thrive in the most essential roles we play in our families, businesses, sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, community, and as graceful and powerful leaders in our emerging world.

Goddess Garden guides you to…
Embody your Divine feminine power with grace
Honor your voice; express your Self with purpose, poise & confidence
Discover what is most sacred to you in relationships
Be present to create amazing, lasting connections in your life
Have clarity & understanding in choosing your life partner
Evoke deeper passion, intimacy & sensuality with your Lover
Attract loving, supportive relationships with women in sisterhood
Work with archetypes to invoke & embody the goddesses within you
Create space to transform fear, & heal pain, betrayal &/or separation
Love, revel & cherish the miracle of your body temple
Love & appreciate your Self more completely than ever before!
Experience absolute FUN, Sexiness & Playfulness!

Embark on a glorious journey into the realm of the divine feminine. Enter a cocoon that recognizes & embraces the fullness of who you are as an awake & empowered woman.

Sworn to Secrecy

My fellow Goddesses,

How I yearn to share the secrets of the garden with you, but I mustn’t. For I am sworn to secrecy, I vowed to keep the secrets of the garden. What I can share is this: I have connected with the divinity that is my goddess. I long for every woman to connect with her own inner goddess.

Niurka’s experience Goddess Garden is an excellent fit for all woman. Here you learn about the divine Mescaline and Feminine and how they both come together in perfect harmony within you. We are both yin and yang.

We are power creators that can enter all archetypes at will. At the garden we learn how to develop these natural skills that are alive within us. We learn about the main planetary archetypes, and how to embody each of them.

This knowledge that has always been within me is now activated. I have been initiated into the Garden. I am now able to create at will as I embody the perfect archetype for the perfect situation.

If you feel the calling to the garden I say this, dare to explore the divinity within you. 

Enter the Garden, for you will never be the same.

Goddess You Are. 

                                                                           – Edith

The Red Work

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