Give Hugs


while it is accustomed to firmly 
shake hands when first meeting,
I want to give hugs. 
We have been indoctrinated to think firmly gripped handshakes demonstrate confidence and power. 
And well, I don’t want to show you my power and confidence through a firmly gripped handshake.
I want to demonstrate those qualities through my body and everyday habits. 
My body says I am confident.
I prioritize me, my health, self love and self care.
My habits say I have power.
I am disciplined in my quest towards my own success. 
I don’t want to shake your hand with a firm grip.
I want to show you my kindness when we meet 
I want to give hugs as greetings 
I want to embrace each other 
I want connection, not intimidation
I want to make the other feel loved.
I want to lift each other’s energy 
I want to spread love in this world


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