and booked PAID jobs

all within one year!

You read that right
One Year!

That’s how long it took me to create a successful modeling career.

Modeling is a passion that has been following me since 2007. The industry was different then; local mall shows and development agencies were the tools I used to enter. Strict standards were also working against me. In order to have any real modeling career you had to be 5’9 and above; I am 5’5, 4 inches too short.

My career kick started in 2008 with the development agency Models Choice. A few years later I won the Miss Fontana Princess title at the Miss Fontana Scholarship Pageant. There I began working for Beauty and Brains Promotions, a promotional modeling agency.

WAIT, Edith, you said it only took you a year to create a successful modeling career!

It did, I stopped modeling from 2012 to 2016. At the time I was dealing with a paralyzing depression and severe anxiety due to an abusive relationship. I had lost my sense of self and stopped doing the things I loved.

I left my ex in 2016 and decided to change my life. After leaving my ex, I spent every waking second cultivating self-love. I picked up weight lifting, Yoga, nutrition, and all things personal development. I gifted myself the opportunity to discover my strength, my personal voice, and my worth.

With this new found inner power I made my modeling comeback in 2017. I quickly noticed the shifts the industry had made. With the rise of the internet, modeling was taking on a new form; an inclusive of all body shapes, sizes, and ethnicity form. Meaning being 5’5 is no longer an issue!

This time around I combined my previous knowledge and experience with modern-day tools such as Instagram; which allowed me to build a working portfolio, get signed with THE NUMA NETWORK and book PAID MODELING JOBS, all within one year. 


I create one-of-a kind model workshops that help models develop their Talents and career by embracing their inner beauty and power


I am living the evolution of modeling. 


Social media tools like Instagram give models, photographers, and brands a chance to connect, create, and be heard. Thus shifting our concept of ideal beauty, and impacting modeling standards. Individuals are realizing beauty is subjective. 

Beauty comes from within! 

Thus inspiring me to create Model Workshops for everyone interested in entering the modeling industry. 


I have combined my industry experience and knowledge with my personal development tools to create a workshop that helps models develop their talent and career by embracing their inner beauty and power!

what's included in the workshops

talent development


-How to build a working portfolio

-How to take digitals 

-How to submit to agencies

-How to book your castings

-How to take rejection and grow 

-How to Strike A Pose

-How to Catwalk and more

as I share my 8 years of experience with you. Join me on the runway.


As a human our physical and mental health is a priority to succeed. 

I have found that when I am at my best in these areas so is my modeling. I look healthy, I feel energized, and the clients see and feel it too! 

It’s important for models to have self-care and self-love practices to have a lasting career.

That is why I focus a large portion of my workshops on health. 

one-on-one coaching

Accelerate your growth as I work with you one-on-one in developing your talents and career.

I will personally look over your portfolio and choose the strongest photos before submitting to agencies. 

Receive feedback from me on your posing, walk, and so much more.

Get a custome workout and meal plan!

my qualifications

8 years of modeling experience

model’s choice development school

miss fontana scholarship pageant

nasm certified personal trainer

200 hr registered yoga teacher

evolved nlp certification

Bachelor’s degree in political science


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