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Hello everyone,
I am Edith, a signed model with the Numa Network

It took a lot of trial and error to find my way in this industry. After 8 years of experience I have gained valuable knowledge, ranging from runway walks, print modeling, promotional modeling, pageants, social media marketing, to Portfolio Development and beyond. Your messages asking me “how do I become a model?” have inspired me to share my knowledge with you through these FREE Model Workshops!!! ENJOY 🙂

This workshop focuses on building your model portfolio. Get ready for valuable insights!

Model Portfolio Video:

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Portfolio = Resume  

Comp Card = Business Card

How to build your portfolio:

1. Test Shoots– Photographers and Models collaborate on a photo shoot to build each others portfolios, test creative concepts, etc.

2. Time For Print (TFP)– Model exchanges time, photographer exchanges prints/ edits. 

3. Collaborations– Like time for print and test shoot, a photographer and model collaborate on an idea. Use these photos to build both photographers and models portfolio. 

4. Rates (also known as advanced shoots)- you hire a photographer [pay their rate] and they provide the service. 

What photos belong in your portfolio?

    • High Quality / High Resolution / Clean Edits / No Logos
    • Diverse Looks: Clean Head Shot, Full length body shot, Swimsuit, Editorial, Lifestyle, Fitness, Beauty, Commercial, Smiling,  Strong Closing Shot.
    • “Agencies like photos that show the model’s versatility and their ability to express themselves. They also like to see how well the model can actually tell a story or portray a feeling or emotion in their photos.” –VANESSA HELMER 
    • Remember your audience! Models selling clothes to women don’t want to be overly sexy, just enough. 


Your portfolio is never finished, you are constantly updating the images. As you change and improve so does your portfolio. A model’s book should tell a story about who the model is, their brand, and the direction the model is heading in their career. It is better to have 3 to 4 great shots than 10 mediocre shots. Shoot with as many photographers as you can so you can take advantage of the different styles each one has; this will also give you experience working with a variety of personality types. Every time you do a photo shoot you will get better and more comfortable in front of a camera, which will come across in your photos. 


Turn your portfolio into PAID Modeling Jobs! Your portfolio is marketing you to potential clients

Let me know how I can better serve you!

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