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Edith was one of my main inspirations to start modeling. Before I knew Edith, I thought modeling was something reserved for a few, extremely lucky people. I saw Edith grow as a model and reached out to her for advice. She answered, aiding in my self belief. Although I am from London and she is from L.A. , her advice and story helped me take my first baby steps into the right direction. Baby steps that I never knew would lead me to walking in London Fashion Week and modeling for ASOS. Edith is truly an inspiration.
Cherie Amour
Represented by NoBox Model Management


Taking Back My Power

Watch the one year transformational  journey that started it all. 


In ancient Greek Mythology the Phoenix is a mystical bird, said to have 1000 year life cycles. There is only one Phoenix, one king and queen of all birds. Legend has it this supernatural creature can sense when the end is near. As this end approaches the phoenix builds a nest of cinnamon, frankincense and myrrh. She then ignites a sacred fire, and surrenders the old self into the flames. From the ashes of the phoenix a new egg is collected and offered to the sun; giving birth to a new Phoenix.

To die and be re-born, to offer a part within you that no longer serves you in exchange for a rebirth. That is the journey of NEO.

Neo In Greek meaning “New”

Genesis meaning “Beginning”